We are every woman

A body was found on Monday in the search for 23-year-old Julie van Espen, who disappeared on Saturday in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Van Espen left Saturday from her home in Schilde, Belgium, and went by bike to a friend’s home in the center of Antwerp. However, she never arrived and her friends and […]

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Don’t get lost in social media

We are all living this crazy double life. One online life and one offline life. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, I have Facebook and Instagram. However what I have noticed is that there is a big problem with social media, and it is something that I believe we know consciously, but allow […]

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Traveling Solo!

I always wanted to travel on my own but never had the courage to do it until now. From the moment I knew I would do this I was very excited. I’m the type of person that romanticizes and makes scenes in my head of how it could be. This trait can make you more […]

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